In light of the Governor’s order to stay home, we want to assure our customers that AJ-USA will continue to be open as we are designated as an essential service to the public. Beginning on Monday April 6th our modified hours will be 9:30 A.M to 3:30 P.M Monday thru Friday.

Our action plan in response to the threat of COVID-19 continues to evolve on a daily basis.

Several weeks ago, we ramped up our cleaning efforts throughout our buildings, inventory, and premises. We are making our best effort to disinfect all hard surfaces, including phones, keyboards, computers, desks, doors, door handles and other surfaces people touch throughout the day.

Additionally To ensure the safety of our customersand employees we’ve implemented the following policies: 

1) All vehicles are being disinfected both after drop-off and prior to delivery – this includes your keys as well! 
2) Steering wheel and seat covers are being used in all vehicles – our employees are also wearing gloves as an extra precaution 
3) Drop-off and Pick-up paperwork, as well as payment via Debit or Credit Card, can be done completely via email – no person to person contact is necessary.

All we need are your keys and we can send everything else directly via email to your inbox!

At AJ-USA, everyone is healthy and we are all taking every necessary precaution to keep it that way.  We know these are challenging times, but we’ll continue to do our best to serve you.
Thank you for your loyalty, and your continued support.
God Bless!